So i started working out again as of last week to try and shift that baby fat.  I started with Davina 3×30 doing the boxacise one, its only 30 mins and i could use to do it with my eyes shut and without breaking much of a sweat.  Not anymore!  However i felt it wasn’t quite cutting the mustard and as such opted tonight to do old favorite MOS:pump it, burn it, lose it, which when i first ever did it nearly resulted in cardiac arrest.  I have to say, it was hard, I sweated lots and had to opt for some of the ‘lower level’ moves, but i completed it and you know what because its old favorite there were no surprises and therefore ok, plus i enjoyed it. Tomorrow will be the real test if i can walk as back aready aching but that could just be from moving about with isobel all day, 

In the Isobel stakes she has recently discovered a new veloceraptar (sp?) type igh pitched ear bleeding scream, which is used when she is grumpy, frustrated, wants her own way and also when excited and happy (so anytime then) and its a killer.  Can this phase pass quickly please!

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