Discovering Clay

More out and about stuff this weekend with a visit to Bilston Craft Gallery to see Jon Williams’s Sensational Clay exhibition.  Its such a lovely fun and exploratory exhibition in which you can touch EVERYTHING!  This in itself is refreshing and more fun as you shake and hit pots, smell pots, explore little pieces hidden in sand, perfect for children and families alike.  We went on the opening day, which was coupled with lots of activities including making clay ‘doodles’ with the artist himself.  I had a great time there with my daughter and shall be returning.

In other news I finally got my clay for the bread oven I am assembling on my allotment which is very exciting.  I literally dug it straight from the ground from a quarry and bought it home in bags.  It awaits puddling (this weekend) when I make the first dome (if the weather holds) all very exciting and messy.  I shall post pictures shortly.

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