The Oven pt 2 and Allotment Stuff

For reasons that I wont go in to we had to knock down, move and rebuild the oven, but this time we now are now further along.  We have got the oven floor laid, bar a few bricks that need cutting for the ends and that means we are ready to puddle and build the first dome this weekend!  Exciting stuff and no doubt going to be really hard work.  Here is the oven now:

There is lots of other stuff to do on the allotment development side too.  Beds still to replace, relentless weeding, seating to be moved, grass to be cut, rubbish to get rid of, chicken to be bought and sorted and oh, a party to be had… I will keep you posted about this…

I had a close look at the bees yesterday too as Anita was round taking a check on them.  It was amazing to see their stores and the amount of bees i the hive, if not a little unnerving (its the noise).  New queen doing well though.

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