Busy Busy Busy

It’s been a very busy week at work and at home.  At work this is because we have completed the Creative Partnerships Programme which has meant, in the last week of term, chasing schools for final paperwork in order to make 100’s of payments on grants to schools which have allowed for creative practice to take place delivering the curriculum.  I had to cram this into 2 days as the final 3 days of the week were spent on a Forest School (level 1) training course.  This has to be one of the best training courses I have ever been on!  It was amazing.  I learnt how to fell a tree, split wood, carry out tool talks, carve pegs from the wood that i split: see here

I also learnt how to lay, light and safely extinguish a fire, collect tinder and kindling, grade the wood, recognise trees, den build, play games and devise activities using natural resources.  I really feel I have a toolkit now going forward for the work I want to deliver on my allotment.  It has given me loads of ideas.

At home, we have done lots of prep for Marks belated 40th Birthday party, which has included putting the final touches to the Clay oven.  Our friend Jess kindly came to help us puddle clay on Saturday and add to the build. We got the final layer on, put in the doorway and added a chimney – we are very proud!  Next weekend will see us try and keep a fire going and experiment making pizzas:

Mark also managed to mow the allotment, ready for a Marquee and camping space, we had a small fire to get rid of old wood and stuff that was in the way and we also put up our new tent, a dry run for when we go away next month.  All in all a very productive, if not tiring week.  It has been great!

Plus we also found this little guy on out allotment too

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